About Us

Jim Williams formed Digital Group in 1998 after several years of success as Principal and CEO of Digital Connections, Inc. (DCI), a broad-spectrum IT provider based in Middle Tennessee. Starting in 1993 with little more than enthusiasm and a keen sensitivity to customer needs, Mr. Williams built a solid team and grew DCI’s revenues to $30M by 2005. By then, the company had become an industry leader in each of its core competencies, including:

  • Wireless-voice & data
  • Cabling & Infrastructure
  • Voice
  • Network Security
  • Data
  • Video-Cable TV

Digital Group was originally formed to provide flexible and responsive financing and lease options which would allow customers to leverage DCI’s offerings more easily. Today, Digital Group now has over 70 years of combined experience and is prepared to offer solutions across the IT platform in a variety of markets.